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Three lidded rope baskets stacked together on a table.

Lost Knitting Projects

If you’ve ever lost your knitting (important knitting, expensive-yarn-knitting, almost-a-finished-sweater-knitting),...

Knit a Little

Marie Greene

“Marie Greene is the master of knitwear you never want to stop knitting—or wearing!”
– Bristol Ivy, author of Knitting Outside the Box

Marie Greene is back with a fresh new direction for her signature seamless style in this collection of 24 new patterns for kids! With 12 sweaters (sizes 0-10) and 12 matching beanies (preemie to adult), Knit a Little reimagines some of Marie’s most popular designs on a small scale.

Popular Patterns

Seamless patterns you’ll love to knit (and wear!)


Meander by Kyle Kunnecke, Knit Camp Guest Designer for May...

Jetson Socks

Add a little Mid-Century Modern style to your sock knitting...

A Sheep Story

Once upon a time there were dozens of happy sheep....

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