4 Day Knitalong?

All about the annual 4 Day Knitalong with Olive Knits

It started with a personal challenge.

In 2016, I challenged myself to knit a sweater over a long weekend – 4th of July weekend, in fact. Honestly, I didn’t even know if it was possible; I’d never knit a sweater in less than a few weeks. But I had a long quiet weekend at my disposal, and a sweater I really wanted to knit. Could I do it? I shared my personal goal with my knitting community, provided status updates throughout the weekend, and before I knew it – the 4 days were over. And I had finished my sweater! 

Someone commented on my posts that I should issue a challenge for others to join me. Really? Other people might want to knit a sweater in four days (or at least challenge themselves to a personal best)?

The answer was (and is): yes!

What started as a silly personal challenge has become an annual event drawing together a remarkable community of knitters from around the globe.

But it’s important to say this: this is not really about knitting a sweater in four days. It’s about challenging your own ideas about how long it takes to knit a sweater. This knitalong is about finishing a sweater faster than you thought you could — and doing it with the energy, enthusiasm, and support of community.


Do I REALLY have to knit this sweater in 4 days?!?

Nope! The 4 Day KAL began as a personal challenge to knit a sweater over a 4-day weekend – and I did! But the real goal of this KAL is to knit a sweater faster than you thought you could, whatever that might be. For those who like a challenge, feel free to try your hand at the speedy 4-20 day pace (based on your size). We recommend starting with 4 days for the smallest size, but adding 2 extra days for every size as you go up the list. But you don’t have to speed through it! We’ll be celebrating and knitting throughout the month of July, so you can work at the pace that’s best for you. The goal is to reach the finish line – however long it may take to get there. I’m here to help you knit a sweater faster than you thought you could. You get to decide what that challenge is for you.