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Three lidded rope baskets stacked together on a table.

Lost Knitting Projects

If you’ve ever lost your knitting (important knitting, expensive-yarn-knitting, almost-a-finished-sweater-knitting),...

Knitting Light

Marie Greene

“Marie has created a beautiful road map filled with 20 timeless size-inclusive garments to complement any wardrobe, tucking in information about plant fibers, their benefits, how to make them shine, and why sometimes they’re the best choice. “
– Tanis Gray, author of Fellowship of the Knits (and 15 more!)

Now you don’t need to wait until winter to pull out your knits! Knitwear designer Marie Greene’s delightful collection of lightweight patterns using plant-based yarns are designed to keep you cool and fashionable―and show off your knitting prowess year-round. With a wide range of lace details, unexpected textures, and classic shapes, Marie’s well-crafted, top-down, and (mostly) seamless patterns are perfect for knitters of advanced-beginner and intermediate skill levels. You just have to decide what to cast on first!

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Seamless patterns you’ll love to knit (and wear!)

Fritillary Socks

Pre-order info is available now - MKAL begins 4/1/24! Fritillaries...

Taos Valley Poncho

This instantly flattering, asymmetrical poncho is a steady, mindful knit...

Duet Triangle Scarf from Olive Knits

Duet Triangle Scarf

Designed for year-round wear, this lightweight, slender triangle-shaped scarf combines...

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