Hi, I'm Marie!

I learned to knit at my grandmother’s side when I was around 11 years old and – as my family and friends can attest – I never put my needles down. And if I’m not knitting, I’m writing (about something creative), speaking (about something creative) or cooking (something delicious). Truth be told, I’m always up to something. Speaking of… have you discovered Knit Camp? Or met my latest unvention: Creel Stitch? There’s always something new to do around here.

I love crunchy wool, coffee, true crime podcasts and rainy days. I love early mornings, cooking, gardening, and Mondays – because a fresh start is always welcome. 

Olive Knits started with seamless sweaters (because that’s what I love to knit), but has grown to become a space that supports knitters throughout their creative journey. I teach creative confidence, knitting skills and my unique renegade sweater techniques to knitters online and around the world.

A portion of my proceeds each month go to support one or more of the following organizations:


Community & Creative Support

When I was a little girl, my grandmother gave me a mission: to spread knitting as far and wide as I could. I think she feared the art would die with her – little did she know how much it would continue to grow.  Thanks to her influence I’ve spent much of my life teaching and sharing my passion for both knitting and creative arts. 

Sharing my love of making (and doing it through community) is why I’m here.

The only thing better than knitting, is knitting with a support system. Whether it’s the need for pattern or project support, a network of makers to cheer you on, or access to workshops and resources so you can grow your skills wherever you are, you’ll find it here.

Check out my online workshops for knitters and creative entrepreneurs.

You’ll also find creative inspiration and encouragement with my Good Enough Creative podcast: a podcast for creative people. Discover episodes on your favorite podcast player, or click here.

Don’t have a local knitting group? Looking for a way to connect? Registration is always open for my exciting membership app for knitters: Knit Camp. It’s a space for education, inspiration, community and patterns. Read all about Knit Camp here.

Patterns for Hand Knitters

You’ll find a range of seamless patterns for hand knitters here at Olive Knits; sweaters, wraps, shawls, hats… and more. Seamless knitting with rich texture and graphic details – complete with loads of resources, tutorials and extra support – are what it’s all about here at Olive Knits. You’ll find not only the patterns to keep you inspired but the resources to help you succeed. My focus is on classic styles for real bodies – garments you’ll love to make and wear. You’ll also find tidbits to support your knitting journey, like Bath Fiber Wash, Stitch Gauges, Hand Butter and more!

I call it Olive Knits because I love knits. (Am I the only one who played that childhood game of mouthing the words “olive juice” and it looks like you’re saying “I love you”?)

With an ever-growing library of designs, you can find new projects to inspire your next cast-on. Whether you’re knitting for yourself or a loved one, desperately in need of a mindless project for social knitting, or prefer something with a bit more focus, my range of pattern styles here offer a little something for almost anyone. 

In addition to independently published patterns, I’m also the author of three books: Seamless Knit Sweaters in 2 Weeks and Knit Shawls & Wraps in 1 Week (Page Street Publishing 2019, available wherever books are sold) and Knit a Little (Library House Press 2021)

Seamless Knits? Yes way.

Marie's Manifesto

I believe that making unites us. My life’s mission is to nurture, inspire and connect – and I do that through knitting, writing, and teaching. My business is built around community, and you’ll find it in spades in the little world of Olive Knits (and Knit Camp).

I believe in building bridges, not fences. I believe that Black Lives matter. I believe in racial and gender equality. I believe in human rights for all human beings. I also believe in science.

I believe in equality, justice, and human rights for all people. Whoever you are, whoever you love, whatever you look like, wherever you’re from, however you identify. You belong here. 

I believe that actions speak louder than words. When I see injustice, you will find me volunteering, donating and voting for change. I am only one, but I will do the thing I can do. I am committed to action that supports equality, diversity and justice for all human beings that share this planet. 

A portion of my proceeds each month go to support one or more of the following organizations: