Knitting Rescue 911

Not every knitting project goes according to plan. In fact, some of them veer off course and plummet off the side of the proverbial cliff. Or maybe it’s more of a black hole? Either way, it’s that place where knitting projects go into “time out” and often never see the light of day again. Sigh. […]

Introducing: Creel Stitch

One sunny afternoon I plopped myself down in my favorite knitting spot with a lapful of yarn. It wasn’t just any ordinary knitting day; I had a mission. I wanted to unvent* something new. I had a few theories jangling around in my head, but I had no idea when I sat down that day […]

Dear Olive: How to Measure Gauge in Pattern

womans hands with measuring tape on a yellow garment

Dear Olive, I struggle with gauge, but especially measuring gauge in pattern – is it really necessary? Sincerely, Swatch-Shy __________ Dear Swatch-Shy, Ah gauge, my favorite topic! Thanks for asking. There are really only two reasons a handknit garment doesn’t fit: 1) Choosing the incorrect size, or 2) Not getting gauge. It really is that […]

An Egg Carton Full of Yarn

If I’d known how cute these balls of Happy Cotton would be, I would have bought a dozen and put them in an egg carton. Just for funsies.  But I only needed three.  These sweet nuggets of fiber joy were part of my very last yarn order for 2020. I knew what I was about […]

You’ll Thank Me Later

If you’ve ever left yourself a problem to deal with later, this post is for you. A button band that needs to be picked-up A sweater that needs to be blocked Ends that need to be woven in A hank of laceweight mohair that got tangled to oblivion A pile of unsorted knitting needles You […]

A Year Without Yarn

There’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you.  As I write this it’s January 1st, 2021. I love New Year’s more than any other day of the year. But this one feels like a life raft, kept out of reach for so long that we almost drowned. But we’re finally here. And now that we […]