Knitting On

The world is both on pause and on hyperdrive. Yet, my fingers are stitching at their usual pace.  My knitting needles tick-tick-tick in rhythm as my hands move them through the dance of stitches that will become a sweater. Everything is different around me, but this is the same. These fingers. This wool. This movement. […]

Keeping Up With the Yarnstashians

Stash (noun): An accumulation of yarn – usually kept at home – which includes future projects, impulse buys, prize/gift yarn, yarn we’ve forgotten about, yarn we can’t stop thinking about, and – most of all – no regrets. When it comes to yarn stash, we have a lot of feelings.  “I should use my stash.” […]

Shake Up Your Shawls

There’s a lot to love about a hand knit shawl.  Besides the fact that shawls are generally pretty quick to knit (and easy to wear throughout the year), one of their super powers is that you can *almost* completely ignore gauge.  Technically – even if it’s only deep down – I know you already know […]

Finding Your Knitting Flow

For all of the potential health benefits of knitting, finding (and staying in) your fiber flow isn’t always as easy as we we’d like to think. There are those dropped stitches, after all. Backward cables. Gauge issues. Color choices. Sizing and ease worries.  Isn’t knitting supposed to be fun?  YES, my friend. It sure is. […]

Top 10 Tools for Knitters

Friend, I get around. Like, a lot. I see it all (and fall in love with it all) at yarn shops, festivals, trunk shows, conventions…. If there’s yarn and/or knitting to be found, I’m likely to drop by. This gives me quite the insight about what knitters are loving (or looking for) at the moment. […]

How to Reboot Your Yarn Stash

Welp, it’s happened. I officially have too much yarn, and not enough hours in the day in which to knit it all. It was inevitable. But am I here to cry “Uncle!” and announce that I’ll no longer be bringing new yarn babies into the family?  Of course not.  Instead, I’m about to embark on […]

Also, your sweater is great.

The other day I read a post shared by The Wing that I wanted you to see.     I’m sharing this because I know it’s hard out there sometimes. You have a lot on your mind, a lot on your plate, and a lot on your needles. And sometimes it feels like you’re doing […]

Leftover Yarn

Several years ago – when I was working in a yarn shop – a customer came in holding a small, tightly-wound ball of yarn. It was about the size of a golf ball. Her face was pinched. It wasn’t the look of satisfaction that I normally see on the face of someone holding a ball […]

Why Doesn’t the Pattern Tell Me How Many Stitches to Pick Up?

Have you ever wondered why a pattern doesn’t tell you exactly how many stitches to pick up around the neckline or button band of a sweater? Maybe you’ve even felt a little cheezed-off about it (and perhaps mumbled a few choice words under your breath…). Surely they don’t expect you to just guess, do they? […]

How to Sew A Shoulder Seam

Oh golly, do I love a seamless sweater. I love seamless sweaters like I love nachos – with a whole heart. But there are moments when a shoulder seam comes in handy, and with patterns like my Zipline (Rhinebeck sweater!) – you’ll want something easy breezy. (Also – if you need help with those yarn […]