A Pinch of This, A Pinch of That

If you come over to my house, come hungry. Cooking is my favorite thing – next to knitting, of course – and I can’t think of anything I’d rather do to decompress from a long work day than to stand in my kitchen, turn on a little indie folk music (or maybe some Fleetwood Mac), […]

Patience Not (Always) Required

If you’ve been knitting for any time at all, you’ve likely heard someone say, “I’m not patient enough to be a knitter” . While knitting is definitely a form of slow fashion crafting, you don’t have to have a wellspring of endless patience to do it. If you’re staring down a hefty project and you’re […]

It’s Okay to Make a Mess

My creative space doesn’t look like this photo. Does yours? I’ve found that creativity can be a messy business; there are fits and bursts, stops and starts, and an embarrassing number of detours along the way. In fact – when all is said and done – sometimes the end result looks nothing like where I […]

What Color is Your Cardigan?

Oh, the thrill of selecting the yarn for your next project! The joy! The rapture! But wait… which color should you choose? Choosing the perfect color for your cardigan can feel a bit daunting. The more options you have, the more intimidating it can get. But don’t fret, my friend. We’ve got this. The average […]

Fix a Sweater That Slides Off

As an avid knitter of top-down, seamless sweaters, I am acutely aware of their virtues, but also their vulnerabilities. The very thing that makes a seamless sweater so delightful (i.e. no seams) can be its Achilles heel. Seams provide structure and longevity to the shape of a sweater. But you know me – you know […]

The Worst That Can Happen

I am an optimistic worrier. I go throughout my day (and my life) in a chronic, but manageable, state of stress (it’s like a low grade fever that won’t quit). I find myself anxious about how much there is to do, worrying about others’ opinions, wondering whether or not I’m enough, anxious about failure, worried […]

Can I Take Knitting Needles on a Plane?

For all its virtues, one of my favorite things about knitting is its portability. I spend a lot of time traveling, and being able to take my knitting with me means I always have something to keep my hands busy. Flight delay? No problem; at least I can knit. But can we really take our […]

3 Tips for Yarn Substitutions

Raise your hand if you always use the yarn the pattern recommends? Anyone? Anyone? Buehler? Yarn can be spendy, and sometimes we need an alternative that fits within our budget. Other times we simply can’t get our hands on the recommended yarn, or just prefer to work from our stash. Whatever the reason, knowing how […]

Break Up With The Ball Band

It’s time for a little truth-telling, my friend. We need to break up… with the ball band. You know the one. I want you to break up with the cute little band of paper tied to your skein of yarn. There’s a lot of information on a ball band and I don’t want you to […]

Knitting Mistakes Are Part of the Process

I talk about this a lot, but it’s one of the most common conversations that happens in my knitting community: knitters will go to almost any length to avoid making a mistake. We aren’t born knowing how to knit, any more than we are born knowing how to ride a bicycle. But we can be […]