Do you wear the shawls you knit? It turns out that many of us love to knit shawls but we […]

Welp, it’s happened. I officially have too much yarn, and not enough hours in the day in which to knit […]

The other day I read a post shared by The Wing that I wanted you to see.     I’m […]

Several years ago – when I was working in a yarn shop – a customer came in holding a small, […]

I fell a little bit out of love with some of my yarn. I didn’t think it was possible! After […]

If you read part 1 of this series, then you know the first step to getting your creative space organized […]

Most of my great ideas for organization end up getting buried under piles of things I didn’t have time to put away.

A few months ago I made an emphatic declaration: I have enough knitting project bags and I can’t justify one […]

If you’ve ever found yourself stuck on sleeve island, trying to distract yourself from a project that’s been put in […]

If you’ve ever run into a struggle with your knitting and wondered where to go for help, you’re not alone. […]

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