How to Reboot Your Yarn Stash

Welp, it’s happened. I officially have too much yarn, and not enough hours in the day in which to knit it all. It was inevitable. But am I here to cry “Uncle!” and announce that I’ll no longer be bringing new yarn babies into the family?  Of course not.  Instead, I’m about to embark on […]

Also, your sweater is great.

The other day I read a post shared by The Wing that I wanted you to see.     I’m sharing this because I know it’s hard out there sometimes. You have a lot on your mind, a lot on your plate, and a lot on your needles. And sometimes it feels like you’re doing […]

Leftover Yarn

Several years ago – when I was working in a yarn shop – a customer came in holding a small, tightly-wound ball of yarn. It was about the size of a golf ball. Her face was pinched. It wasn’t the look of satisfaction that I normally see on the face of someone holding a ball […]

5 Ways to Build a Healthy (& Sensible) Yarn Stash

I fell a little bit out of love with some of my yarn. I didn’t think it was possible! After all, it’s yarn and I’m a knitter. What’s not to love? It didn’t happen overnight. It was a long, slow transition away from colors I wasn’t excited about anymore, single skeins that seemed like a […]

Categorize to Organize: Part Two

If you read part 1 of this series, then you know the first step to getting your creative space organized is to assess what you have and break it into two basic categories: durable and consumable. And now that you know what you’ve got, let’s take it a step further. Let’s prioritize. Set aside the […]

The Joy of the Shiny New Thing

A few months ago I made an emphatic declaration: I have enough knitting project bags and I can’t justify one more. Not one. I told my friends, my knitting community and anyone within earshot. And I really meant it. Every time I came within view of a new bag (no matter how gorgeous), I told […]

5 Ways to Get Out of Your Knitting Rut

If you’ve ever found yourself stuck on sleeve island, trying to distract yourself from a project that’s been put in “time out”, or feeling a bit meh about your creativity, today we’re chatting about what it takes to shake the cobwebs loose and get back in your creative groove. Today I’m sharing 5 ways to […]

How to Get Knitting Help

If you’ve ever run into a struggle with your knitting and wondered where to go for help, you’re not alone. The beauty of the making process is that there’s always something new to learn, and I’m convinced that this is why I’ve yet to get bored with knitting. I’m all about stretching your craft muscles […]

How to Pick the Right Circular Needle Length

Have you ever sat down to start a new project and wondered which length your circular needle should be? Sure, sometimes the pattern gives you this information… but what if it doesn’t? It’s super easy to determine which length circular needle will give you the best results. Use this handy checklist: When knitting in the […]