How to Ruin a Perfectly Good Sweater

We’ve all been there. You’ve knit and knit and knit, and eventually (finally!) have a sweater to show for it.  But, wait… Damn it. There’s a problem. What makes good sweaters go wrong? Not to harp on the point (I know I say this a lot), but one of the quickest ways to ruin a […]

Knit Pro: 5 Tricks to Improve Your Knitting

Want to knit like a pro? Stop what you’re doing, pour a cup of coffee and sit with me for a minute. First, you’re a better knitter than you think you are  The single biggest mistake I see knitters make is that they underestimate their own ability to solve a knitting problem. Self-doubt is a […]

Yarn Shop Survival Guide

My first yarn came from my grandmother’s stash when I was about ten years old. Later on (when I had babysitting money burning a hole in my pocket) I relied on the True Value Hardware Store downtown. For real, the hardware store sold yarn. It was pastel acrylic, but it was something. Lucky for me (and you), […]

Knitting Self-Help: Here’s My Secret

Can you relate to any of these? Do you ever avoid a project because of a technique you’re unsure about? Do you ever let a WIP linger in fiber purgatory for far too long because you can’t decide whether or not to frog it? Do you struggle with stash organization? Do you ever avoid finishing […]

Knit All The Things: How to Win at Multiple Projects

I have a favorite project: it’s called “The New One.” From the acquisition of new yarn, to the winding of hanks into beautiful little cakes, to tracking down the correct needles (and potentially stealing them from a lingering project… more on that later), and the final thrill of casting on, a new project has all […]

Knitting Fiascos: This Sweater Had Long Sleeves

Sweater knitters, pull up a chair and prepare to hear a familiar tale. My vision for this design was long sleeves. It’s how I imagined it from day one. The design process is a little hard to explain, because – for me – it evolves as the design takes form. But sometimes there’s one element […]

Knitting Challenges: Sweaters With Buttons

If you knit sweaters, you’ve likely needed a button or two. Or fourteen. After the time and investment of knitting a sweater by hand, you don’t want to throw on any old buttons. (Actually, sometimes you DO want old buttons, but the point is having the options you want when you want them.) Is it just […]

PSA: There is yarn on my couch

This is a public service announcement: There is yarn in my house. Not just yarn, but visible yarn. It’s where people can see it if they drop by unannounced. Even when I know they’re coming, it might still be there when they arrive because I’m actively using it. Why put it away when I’m going […]

Sweater Knitting: 5 Mistakes Knitters Make

Knitters! We sure love our sweaters, but there are five mistakes I see over and over when I meet with students and customers. I want you to have sweaters that fit you beautifully, feel great and look awesome, so I’m going to share the top five things to watch for when knitting a sweater. Making […]