Heathrow Sweater

One of my favorite things about the work I do is the way it connects me to other creative people in the fiber world. Are you familiar with The Fibre Company? I’ve been practically obsessed with their yarn since the first day I discovered it. I was tickled to have the opportunity to design with […]

Knitting for Warm Weather & Seasonal Transitions

Knitting isn’t a winter sport. When the calendar marches toward spring, I immediately gravitate to lightweight yarns and transitional projects like this one: Apogean. I love pieces I can layer, and lightweight knits hit the spot beautifully as they can often dance between being both a shirt AND a sweater. Fiber choice is key – this one […]

Land & Sea: A theme for a new landscape

My Uncle Jimmy was a merchant seaman. He always brought me trinkets from his travels: stamp collections, a llama poncho, a woven wool blanket…. to name a few. He sent postcards from places I’d never imagined – nothing too elaborate, but a few scrawled lines to tell me where he’d been. He was rough around the edges but I knew […]