Bentley Cardigan

Bentley is my second sweater design with Sherwood Yarn, and I have to tell you: I’m in love with this yarn. Not only am I the world’s biggest wool geek, but the rich, vibrant colors work perfectly with my favorite neutrals. This vintage-inspired design features a cropped, boxy shape with texture just along the front […]

Encounters Collaboration

Serendipity is real, friends. And so is synergy. It was a fluke that we met, really. We could have been two regular people in an ordinary shop on an un-extraordinary day. It could have gone down like that and neither of us would have been the wiser. But that’s not how it went. Brittney overheard a […]

Stria Cardigan

At long last: Stria Cardigan. This design was a long time coming. It didn’t fly off the needles the way others sometimes do. It’s not even that it was a particularly challenging project; it’s just that life kept getting in the way, and the sweater didn’t have my full attention. Because of that, there was a […]