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My mission is to provide excellent patterns (and teach excellent classes). If a pattern has a technical issue that needs to be addressed, that’s what I’m here for. However, before you send an email, please skim through this basic troubleshooting guide to make sure you get the best help possible.

Correspondence is received and answered during normal business hours – emails received on weekends and/or holidays will not be addressed until normal office hours. My travel and teaching schedule often requires me to be away from the office for stretches of time and may therefore result in slower response times. Thank you in advance for understanding.

  1. For questions about knitting techniques, casting on, binding off and how to work stitches, please refer to the internet, knitting reference books (there are so many good ones, possibly even at your local library) and consider classes or help sessions at your Local Yarn Store. A wealth of information is widely accessible. I am unable to offer advice for basic knitting questions. 

2. For questions about yarn substitutions, please visit YarnSub, a useful resource for knitters. If you’d like to chat with someone personally, your Local Yarn Shop would be a wonderful place to ask about yarn substitutions – they will most likely be able to direct you to something suitable. Thank you for understanding that I am not able to provide this service.

3) I do not offer support on modifying patterns. If you have questions about this topic, please consider taking a class on pattern modification.

4) For questions regarding how to use Ravelry, or how to access your Ravelry download after you’ve purchased it, please visit the Ravelry Help forum or reply to the email Ravelry sent you with your purchase. If you did not receive the email after making your Ravelry purchase, please contact Ravelry.

5) Please review the pattern in full, including accessing all resources provided before you submit a question (many patterns include hyperlinks to online tutorials). The majority of the questions I receive are already answered in the pattern. If you believe a page of your pattern is missing, please refer to the digital PDF file (reviewing the entire file start to finish) and check that your printer is not out of paper.

6) For questions about gauge, size, ease, etc… please refer to the information provided in the pattern and use the search bar on my website to see articles on these topics. There is a wealth of information online and in knitting reference books, as well.

Remember: I am not able to provide support on pattern modification, basic knitting techniques, gauge issues, how to choose your size, ease, or help with yarn substitutions. Questions on these topics will be redirected to the resources mentioned above. 

Pattern Support & ANY PATTERN-RELATED QUESTIONS that are not otherwise provided in the pattern or tutorials, please email: patternsupport @ oliveknits.com

Teaching & Event requests, please email: hello @ oliveknits.com

For anything else not listed, please email: admin @ oliveknits.com

Thank you so much for taking the time to invest in your own success. Happy Knitting!