If you’re knitting the High Trestle Tee, you’ll encounter the trestle stitch (similar to the butterfly stitch). Here is a quick tutorial on how this stitch is done on the right side of the work.

We are ready to work the first K1ULS on the row below.

trestle stitch 1

Take the right needle and slide it under the loose strands from the rows below.

trestle stitch 2

Then slide the right needle under the next stitch on the left needle (as if to knit).

trestle stitch 3

Knit through the stitch on the left needle AND through the loose strands at the same time.

trestle stitch 5 trestle stitch 6

The best part about being a designer is having the luxury of creating the kind of garments you want to wear. It’s one thing to enjoy making something, but to love wearing it — that’s a whole other story.  I spent the first half of my knitting life making things that were fun to knit, and the second is all about creating wearable, easy to pair pieces for my wardrobe. If this design had been on the rack, I would have brought it home. And that’s how I know it’s a keeper.

High Trestle Tee 1The High Trestle Tee was born from an  immediate fascination with Shibui Twig. It took me all of two minutes to develop a crush on the sheen, weight and rich hand of this linen/silk/wool blend. I’m naturally drawn to earthy, plant fibers and hearty wool, but this just oozed love at first sight.

I’m not going to lead you astray, though — if you’re one for fluffy softness, knitting with Twig will be a bit of an adjustment. It’s substantial. It’s stringlike. It’s rugged-meets-gilded. But oh my, do I love what happens when you block it. And — even more — what happens when you wear it. This is hands-down my favorite thing in my closet.

There is a magnificent bridge in Iowa called The High Trestle Trail Bridge, and there’s something completely mesmerizing about the tumbling trestles that grace the walkway of this bridge. The sharp edges and the stark contrast of deep orange rust against the wide open sky… It was the perfect inspiration for this design.High Trestle Tee 2

This tee is perfectly wearable right into fall. Pair it with linen capris, or layer it with skinny jeans, a denim jacket and tall boots. You can dress it up or dress it down, but however you wear it, the High Trestle Tee will be a lovely addition to your wardrobe. (And it’s incredibly fun to knit!)

ht layer

This design is knit top down, one-piece, raglan seam, generously sized, split bottom with a faux garter “seam.”

You can find the pattern for sale here on Ravelry.