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Welcome to Knit Camp!

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  • Knit Camp App

    Access to our very own Knit Camp app for iOS and Android. Join for $24.95 a month or $249 a year.

  • Monthly Patterns

    12-15 Free Knitting Patterns every year (up to $175 value in all)

  • Knitalongs

    Free with your membership:
    - January Workshop Knitalong ($99 value)
    - 4 Day Knitalong ($12 value)
    - Exclusive Fall Mystery Shawl Knitalong ($12 value)

  • Annual Retreat

    Every member of Knit Camp is invited to attend one full day of our annual virtual retreat (in September), featuring designers, authors and teachers from around the world - for free! ($199 value)

  • Resource Library

    Knit Campers have access to a growing library of tutorials, techniques, lessons and resources - (a value of $299 a year!)

  • Ad-Free Community

    Join our supportive community of knitters from around the world. Friends to knit with online AND in real life! Enjoy our private community app with no ads or algorithms.

  • Premium Pattern Support

    Premium pattern support from our knitting pros! Ask questions and get advice about any pattern.

  • Expert Tutorials

    Monthly tutorials from Marie and Guest Experts from around the industry! You'll meet designers, dyers, yarn makers and more!

Resource Library

Explore our library of tutorials, tips, tricks, and our monthly “Technique Week” feature to help you expand your skills and tackle your knitting challenges. You’ll find everything from steeking to keeping your edges tidy!

"...the lessons, tutorials, patterns, recipes, livestreams, campfire circles, workshops, retreats, the COMMUNITY, support, encouragement and fun - I also love the Knit Camp app because I trust the space and feel safe posting there."
Reni L.

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Save 40% with code: FRIEND40

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Knit Camp Clubs

Connect with knitters who share other common interests like gardening, sewing, cooking, reading, fitness, true crime and more!

Knit Camp is more than just a knitting app – it’s an entire social experience for all of your creative ideas. Meet great people, share your creative journey – and always have something fun to look forward to.

"I love the Knit Camp app because there are no ADS! I can't even handle Facebook anymore because ads have completely taken over my feed. I also love the support and cheerleading from other campers, and the plethora of videos and resources."

-Janet S.

Resources at Your Fingertips

Ask questions, post issues and get help from the amazing knitters in our community. Find answers to your knitting challenges, ask for pattern help, and learn how to troubleshoot your projects.

Let's do this!

Friendship, community, patterns, tutorials, badges and so much more!

Save 40% through March 31st with code: FRIEND40

Web Registration Only