Meet the Knit Camp Team

Marie Greene 

Founder of Knit Camp & Olive Knits, and author of Seamless Knit Sweaters in 2 Weeks and Knit Shawls & Wraps in 1 Week. 

Marie is our fearless Knit Camp leader, teacher and head cheerleader. She loves coffee, rainy days and early mornings. 

Read more about Marie here.

Carlee Wright is our Digital & Marketing Assistant. She’s a creative entrepreneur and community advocate assisting small business owners and nonprofit organizations share their story through artful design, meaningful messages and engaging events.

Carlee learned to knit when she was 16, but it took her 20 years to pick up needles again. After knitting the same scarf more than a dozen times, she met Marie who introduced her to the top-down seamless sweater and changed her fiber life forever.

Erika Close is our Pattern Coordinator. She learned to knit and crochet as a child and dabbled in those crafts, and many others, off and on for years. She knit her first sweater in 2014 and hasn’t been without her knitting since. She loves learning new knitting skills and even worked in a yarn shop where she met Marie, Carlee and many other great knitting friends. Erika started out as a test knitter for Marie and now works part-time for her answering emails and trying to remember all the things. She also loves to hike, camp, quilt, cook and drink great wine and tea. Erika lives in Salem, Oregon with her husband Justin and has two grown children and three cats.

Jonah Greene is our in-house Head of Shipping and Graphic Design at Knit Camp. Those fun badges that we all love? Jonah designed them! He has a knack for translating the Knit Camp vision into cheerful illustrations and swag.
Jonah is also an engineering student and loves problem-solving, 3-D printing and looking at the world through a microscope (literally). Though he’s not a knitter, he’s grown up surrounded by yarn and knitterly-things and is ever-so-patiently waiting for his mom (Marie) to knit him that sweater she promised last year.

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Our Camp Counselors are here to help point you in the right direction, give you a little virtual nudge of encouragement, and help us maintain a wonderful, positive space here in Knit Camp.

Lindsey Anderson (and her hubby) is another long time Olive Knits community member, a student of Olive Knits workshops and a test knitter. Lindsey loves salty & sweet snacks (caramel popcorn + cheese popcorn!) and the color blue. Her favorite yarns are Buxom Cat KnitsLolo Did It and Sew Happy Jane Hand Dyed Yarn Fun fact: Lindsey recently took a test about how much of each side of her brain she uses, and most people come out more one side or the other. Lindsey got 50/50 — equal on both sides! She says this explains why she’s both crafty AND an accountant! We’re so happy to have Lindsey on our Camp Counselor team!

Zee Blakely has been knitting for about six years, having learned by taking classes at LYS’s, retreats, fiber festivals and Youtube. Intimidated by gauge, she started with shawls, but she took up the challenge and has realized that she’s a sweater knitter! Zee lives in High Point, NC with her 13-year-old miniature dachshund where she oversee an Adult Education Program during the day. She enjoys traveling, live music, quilting, learning faux calligraphy, and, of course, knitting! A proud camp counselor, Zee looks forward to working with each of you on the Knit Camp journey.

Lisa Lewis-Kirk has been a tester and sample knitter for Olive Knits since it was born. She’s also called the “sleeve whisperer” and often helps finish all the sweaters on time. Lisa’s favorite snack is mashed potatoes (yes!!), and loves ALL the indie-dyed (blue!) yarn she can get her hands on. Lisa is a continental knitter because she learned from a left-handed auntie. Lisa has been a wonderful supporter of the Olive Knits community and has a great big heart for helping others. We love having her on the team as one of our Camp Counselors!

Kristie Sellers Lowry has been a member of the Olive Knits community for several years now (before Knit Camp), and was a Founding Member of Knit Camp, as well. Kristie loves salty snacks, and her favorite yarn is: all yarn! Kristie loves the color blue, and — fun fact — she can understand Dutch because she lived in Curaçao for five years as a teenager. Kristie has test knit for Olive Knits and been a wonderful resource in our online communities, and we’re super excited that she is one of our Camp Counselors!

Jamie Peterson has lived in Asia for almost 14 years, the last 12 in Japan. She is stationed in Yokosuka, where her husband is a DoDEA teacher. She learned to knit from her Grandma, who tried to teach her to crochet, but she thinks being left handed hindered that. Jamie took up knitting again when she moved to Japan, where there is a strong fiber community, and hasn’t looked back. She joined Knit Camp last year not really knowing what she was doing, but she says it’s been fantastic! She’s learned a lot and looks forward to learning more. We’re excited to have Jamie in our Knit Camp community!

Dina Scheel has been a key support person in the Olive Knits community for several years, and was especially integral during the Beekeeper Knitalong. Dina lives in the Pacific Northwest. Dina’s favorite snack is a chocolate bar and she loves bright pink! Her favorite yarn is a nice, squishy merino. Fun fact: Dina loves traveling and bird watching, and she’s seen over 2,000 different species of birds on four continents in her lifetime. We’re so excited to have Dina’s continued support in our Knit Camp community!

Nancy Chase Taylor has been a test knitter (and sample knitter) for Olive Knits since Marie started as a designer. She learned to knit from her father. He taught her garter stitch, and she learned the rest on her own — before the internet! Nancy loves salty/crunchy snacks. Her favorite yarns are Lolo Did ItSew Happy Jane Hand Dyed Yarn and Miss Babs Hand-Dyed Yarns & Fibers and she loves the color teal. Nancy is very knowledgeable and willing to help, and we’re super happy to have her as a Knit Camp Counselor!