Knit Pro: 5 Tricks to Improve Your Knitting

Want to knit like a pro? Stop what you’re doing, pour a cup of coffee and sit with me for a minute.

First, you’re a better knitter than you think you are 

The single biggest mistake I see knitters make is that they underestimate their own ability to solve a knitting problem. Self-doubt is a monster, friends, and it keeps us stuck. Does this pattern mean what I think it means? Am I doing this right? More often than not, you have a gut feeling about how to proceed. Trust yourself. There’s no shame in getting help, but if it means putting your project on hold and being stuck until help is available, why not give it your best shot in the meantime? Most of the time you’ll surprise yourself. And if you don’t…

Mistakes are awesome teachers

I think it was Elizabeth Zimmerman who said that there are no tragic consequences in knitting. Or maybe it was Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. Or maybe I made it up? But the truth is, knitting is pretty easy to fix most of the time. Making a mistake will not kill you (it will actually make you a better knitter). Almost everything I know about knitting came from trial and error; I didn’t have many resources to turn to when I was a new knitter (pre-internet), but what I did have was natural curiosity and a willingness to experiment until I got it right. That approach served me well, and I’m a fearless knitter because of it.

Be Your Own Hero: Use Google

Anything you don’t know, you can usually learn online. Don’t be afraid to teach yourself a new technique or seek out a tutorial.

Be Flexible

Have you ever gotten to a transition in the pattern and realized you’re a stitch short or a stitch over? Don’t panic. You have my permission to sneak in an increase or decrease so you’re at the count you need. Are you off by quite a few stitches? Stop for a second and check your work. Did you miss a pattern transition? Are you not on the row you thought you were on? Did you get distracted and miss a few increase rows? Be willing to frog a few rows if you need to, or be creative and sneak in an extra stitch or two if you’re only a little bit off. Either way, being flexible allows you to get back on track more easily. And if you’ve never frogged without help, I dare you to try it on your own. You can do it!

Try New Things

The single fastest way to become a stronger knitter is to keep pushing yourself to try new things. Knit beyond your comfort zone, even if it’s just in small ways.  Never knit a v-neck before? Go for it! Unsure about knitting a button band? Try one! The more you knit, the better you get.


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