Paris cover

This lovely design is knit seamlessly in one piece from the top-down. It is sized for nearly every figure — sizes 32 – 52 and knits up quickly in dreamy Simplinatural by HiKoo from Skacel Collection.

Techniques you will need to know:

How to work the horizontal stitch:

Note: To clarify something I mentioned in the Horizontal Stitch video: I indicated that while working it flat you will need to K2tog toward the end of the row (or P2tog on the wrong side) to compensate for the extra stitch we cast-on at the beginning to start working the horizontal stitch. Upon reviewing the video, I realized I had worded it in such a way that it sounded like we only cast on the extra stitch at the start when working it flat — that is not the case. We cast on the extra stitch at the start of a horizontal stitch row regardless of whether it’s worked flat or in the round; the difference is in whether or not you need to make a decrease to compensate for the extra stitch. When working in the round you will not need to do this, but when working flat you will. 

Additional blocking information will be posted here soon!