The River Light Tee is a delicately textured, lightweight pullover that dances in the light. Knit in Sincere Sheep Agleam (a 50/50 blend of merino and tencel), the design responds beautifully to blocking and has a flattering drape.

The intended gauge is not achieved until the garment is wet blocked to size. Results will vary if using a yarn substitution.

Blocking will not only smooth out the funky bias and lower border, but it will add significant length to the finished design. In the photo at left, the top portion had been blocked while the sweater was in progress, but the lower portion was not blocked. You can see the definitive line across the bust between the blocked and unblocked, and notice the way the lower border slants at an angle instead of laying flat. It’s the same sweater in both photos (the only difference is that the sleeves were unfinished in the sample at left) – blocking is magic!