Left Coast

Available in two weights (worsted and fingering), Left Coast is a playful adventure in texture that employs a spin-off of sequence knitting and multiple colors to achieve a design that requires very little fuss and comes together almost magically.



Left Coast is not just a lovely study in texture – it’s an engaging project; perfect for social or travel knitting, or – better yet – knitting on the beach. The transitions keep things interesting, and the stitch patterns are fun and almost magical the way they come together.

This quick and simple knit works just as beautifully in worsted weight as it does in fingering weight – and both versions result in an accessory that is lovely as a gift or as an addition to your wardrobe. 

Contrast is the key – the more dramatic, the better.

Skill Level: Advanced Beginner

Size: One size fits most (Finished size will vary)

Gauge: Gauge is not critical and will depend on yarn choice


  • Worsted Weight | 2 skeins (one MC and one CC) | Any Fiber Content | Approximately 220 yards/200 meters in 100 grams
  • OR
  • Fingering Weight | 2 skeins (one MC and one CC) | Any Fiber content | Approximately 400 yards/365 meters in 100 grams

Note: Yardage is an estimate and may vary based on your gauge and yarn choice. If in doubt, please round up. Yarn substitutions may create different results. Please keep this in mind.



  • US Size 6/4mm 32-40 in (80-100 cm) circular needles (fingering weight)
  • OR
  • US Size 8/5mm 32-40in (80-100 cm) circular needles (worsted weight)



  • Stitch markers
  • Darning needle to weave in end

Note: Finished size will vary depending on yarn selection.


worsted-lcSample using worsted weight yarn