Seamless Knit Sweaters in 2 Weeks Errata

Try as we might, mistakes sometimes slip through.

Sandscape Slipped Stitch Pullover pg 129

Errata applies only to size 42/44

Size 42/44: Cast on 92

Row 1 – set up (rs): K2, pmA, k- (-, -, 21, -, -), pmB, k1, M1L, k – (-, -, 45, -, -), M1R, k1, pmC, k- (-, -, 21, -, -), pmD, k2 (2 st inc)

Size 42/44 Row 5 -…. row should end with: k4, smD, k2

Seaside Pleated Cardigan pg 58 

Stitch Glossary (a clarification):

sl2wyif – Slip 2 stitches with yarn held to the front (or right side) of the garment. On the wrong side, you will hold the yarn to the back so the slipped stitches stay on the front. On the right side you will hold the yarn to the front. The slipped stitches should always remain at the right side (or front facing) part of the garment.