Stroll Cardigan is Now Available!

Stroll Cardigan 4

I’m so pleased with the way the Stroll Cardigan came together. It took so much longer than I envisioned to get the pattern just the way I wanted it, but it was a wonderful learning experience and it made the second sweater design so much smoother. The Stroll Cardigan is live on Ravelry as of today and you can find it here.  This is a terrific project for an advanced beginner who is ready to tackle a sweater, but is still the perfect quick project for more experienced knitters who want a lovely, classic garment in a jiffy. The easy shaping and top-down construction make it ideal for social knitting or for working on while you watch TV.

I’m all about wearability. Over the years I’ve learned that it’s one thing to have fun knitting a garment, but quite another thing to enjoy wearing it. This sweater achieves both! I’ve found that this is the ideal shape and fiber for Oregon weather — just enough to add a little warmth, but the wide neck and shorter sleeves keep it from getting too hot. You can wear it buttoned or open/loose, dressed up or dressed down. The Acadia is soft and drapes nicely, with the little silk nubs giving a bit of interest and a heathered look.

In other news, I did something today that no knitter should ever do: I organized my stash. Stay tuned tomorrow when I tell you why this was such a bad idea…

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