The Good Enough Creative Podcast

Whether you’re a maker, artist or creative entrepreneur, we’re here to talk about what it takes to put ourselves and our work out into the world. The thrill of the new venture, the self-doubt, and all the perfectly messy bits in the middle – Good Enough Creative is about getting unstuck and finding your sweet spot.

I’ve worked with hundreds of creative people over the years and what I’ve learned is that we share common threads of doubt, overwhelm and frustration about something that seems like it should be cut and dry. I mean, after all, isn’t creativity supposed to be fun?  

Yes. And no.

Creativity is messy. It’s imperfect. It’s subjective and filled with detours. That’s the beauty of it. The good news is, we’re all figuring it out as we go.

Join me every Thursday for a new episode where we’ll talk about embracing the creative life in an entirely new way.

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