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There’s a certain kind of cable needle I like. It’s the one my grandmother gave me when I learned to knit (back in the olden days) and it’s still the one I like best of all the cable needles in the whole wide world. It’s this one.

For some reason, I have the hardest time finding replacements. Except for today, of course, because I’ve searched online and yarn shops over the last few months and couldn’t get my hands on one (except in a pack with other types of needles that I don’t want). And today – because I’m blogging about it and because irony is alive and well in my universe – I found a multipack of just this one kind of cable needle. I ordered two sets of three. To be safe.

It’s nothing special, really. It’s probably the boringest cable needle around. (Confirmed: It is.) But it’s the one I like. I must own at least a dozen of these already, but when I need them I can’t track down a single one. Does this happen to you, too? Is there an elusive gadget in your repertoire? It’s times like these I realize that my project bag situation is a little out of control. Which bag/pouch are they in? (And are they all there together? And if so, why?) I have resorted to using bobby pins, and/or other types of cable needles, and I’ve got to say: I wonder if some people don’t enjoy working cables purely because of the type of needle they use? I’ve never dreaded the cable sections in my life, except when I had to work them with a different cable needle. Hmm. (For the record, I love you regardless of which cable needle is your favorite.)

We might want talk about the fact that I need to get my gadget game under control, primarily because after starting this post I not only ordered two sets of three cable needles online, but I also found the little basket housing FOUR of my lost needles. Crisis averted – and it only took me three months to find them.


Do you have a special gadget you love and don’t know why? What makes your favorite gadget “the one”?


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