Because Seth Godin Said So

I used to blog every single day – back in the days before I was a knitwear designer I was a crafter, knitter, foodie, writer and organizational-maven who blogged about a little bit of everything. The perks to daily blogging were that I met cool people, kept the ideas flowing and managed to stay IN THE GROOVE pretty much all the time. There’s something about that consistent, daily check-in that really worked for me.

But the years passed and the blog (as I knew it) began to demand far more time and energy than I could devote to it, and the blog eventually fell by the wayside. The landscape of my life changed, my business evolved, and the habit of daily blogging was no longer part of my routine.

It’s a shame.

As I was listening to a conversation today with author/entrepreneur and all around genius Seth Godin, he mentioned that daily blogging was one of the best decisions he’d made when it came to growing fresh ideas; and he’s right. I always feared I’d run out of things to say, but the reverse happened – the more I did it, the more I had to say. The more ideas I wrote about, the more ideas I had. I don’t know about you, but more ideas = better.

So here I am – back in the saddle.

Time is at a premium in my life these days, but the one thing that matters most to me – even more important than designing awesome, wearable sweaters – is connecting with my tribe. With you. I want to share more about my process, about how my creative ideas come to be, and invite you to have a front row seat for the adventure.

And I want to challenge myself – I want to get back to the parts of this business that really ignite my passion, namely the ability to communicate and connect about fiber.

So hey – thanks for being here. I hope you’ll be back tomorrow to see what comes next.


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