Creating Custom Pins

Enamel pins are all the rage these days, aren’t they? I’ve wanted to order custom pins for ages, and finally took the plunge with a company called WizardPins. This is a sponsored post, but here’s the thing – I won’t share anything with you unless I use it myself and believe in it. If you’d like to order pins for your shop or business, I wanted to share the process I went through for ordering mine with WizardPins. (It was quick and easy, and I’m happy with the results. I highly recommend them!)

The Art: I already had a logo design that I wanted to use (you can see mine above), which made the first step easy. But if you don’t have a design already, they can work with you to turn your idea into pin-worthy art. 

Specs: I chose a smaller size because enamel pins can sometimes get a bit heavy when they’re larger (but you can choose from a range of sizes). Mine are 1.25″. They feature soft enamel and black-dyed plating. My Knit Camp logo is black and white, so my pins are only those two colors, but you can incorporate as much color as you’d like. 

The Order: Having custom pins made is more affordable when you order in bulk, so I recommend placing a large enough order to make the price-per-piece as reasonable as possible. The price will vary based on your specs and art.

The Results: The entire process of getting the pins ordered took only a couple of days with 2-3 emails back and forth. The pins arrived in a few weeks and were ready to send to my community! It was much easier (and quicker) than I expected! 

Want to create your own custom pins? Check out WizardPins!