Dear Olive: How do I fix underarm gap?

woman's hands illustrating placement on a pink sweater

Dear Olive,

I’m knitting the SOUNDTRACK PULLOVER, and I’m finding a gap at the underarm where I work the sleeve in the round. What did I do wrong? What is the best way to rectify the problem, without frogging back?


Hole-y Armpits

Dear Hole-y Armpits,

First, let me reassure you that you’ve done nothing wrong. Gaps under the arm are a natural happenstance when knitting a top-down seamless sweater. There are two solutions:

  1. Pick up a few extra stitches under the arm when you begin working on the sleeves. This can help close the gaps, BUT it will also make your sleeve a bit larger. I prefer the advice in #2, which is…
  2. I like to use a quick fix for weaving the gaps closed using the tail of yarn that’s already there. See the tutorial video below.

Sincerely, Marie Olive

Clever Fox Sweater

Kids pullover with "fox" details

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