Foxtrot Cardigan Neckline Tutorial

Cast on 5 stitches with double point needles (DPNs). Knit across the 5 stitches, then insert the tip of the needle into the first available stitch on the neckline as shown above.
Knit into the neckline stitch (as shown above). You will now have 6 stitches on your needle.
Turn your knitting to the wrong side, and knit the first two stitches together (as shown above). Knit to the end of the row – you will end this row with 5 stitches once again.
This is the view on the wrong side when the row is completed.
Turn your work back to the right side (shown above). Knit to the end of the row.
As before, insert the tip of the needle into the next available neckline stitch (skipping approximately every 4th or 5th stitch so the neckline does not become crowded).
Progress will begin to look something like this.
Further progress shot.

Keep Your Edges Tidy: Handy Tip

A vertical neckline can look messy if the edges aren’t worked tightly. Keep your edges tidy by working the first stitch tightly, but – more importantly – when you insert your needle into the second stitch of the row (as shown), pull the working yarn tightly again. This will firm-up the first stitch and keep your edges crisp. If you do this as you begin each row (even on the wrong side), you will have a much tidier neckline.

Troubleshooting Your Neckline

If your neckline seems wavy, loose, or too wide, this means you’ve picked-up more stitches than necessary and/or worked your neckline too loosely.

Try one or both of the following:

  1. Work the neckline again with a smaller needle and take care to keep the stitches nice and tight.
  2. Pick up slightly fewer stitches.

Blocking Tips

To enhance the curve of the front bands, use your blocking pins to help accentuate the curves as shown.