Heathrow Sweater

One of my favorite things about the work I do is the way it connects me to other creative people in the fiber world. Are you familiar with The Fibre Company? I’ve been practically obsessed with their yarn since the first day I discovered it.

I was tickled to have the opportunity to design with their new Arranmore Light yarn prior to its release; the delightful structure and softness of the yarn paired with the beautiful tweed was the inspiration for my design, Heathrow.

Curious about the name?

I have a tendency to get uncomfortably cold in airports (and then a bit too warm on the flight), and this fall season I’ll be spending a lot of time traveling. In fact, I’ll be flying into Heathrow on my way to the Nottingham Yarn Expo in November. What’s better than a roomy blanket wrap with features that can help you stay comfortable in really any temperature?

Someone asked me about the ribbing: Why pick it up after the fact? Why not just knit it into the sweater?

Great question! Seamless sweaters often struggle for structure; it’s their one downfall if you’re not careful. Over the years I’ve adopted methods to ensure that my seamless sweaters have added structure through specific design details and/or through picking up stitches to create borders and ribbing. These tricks give an otherwise shapeless sweater some structure (or “bones” as I like to call them), and it can make all the difference in the way the sweater feels when you wear it and how it holds its shape over time.

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