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Module 1 Resources

Welcome Video

Wee Gauge Primer Wee Gauge Primer2

Blog: What to do when you can’t get gauge

Module 2 Resources

Cable Short-Cut – If you want to try cabling without a needle, this is my method. This video was created for another design project, but you can adopt this same technique over 4 stitches instead of 3 by using the same concept. Practice on a bit of scrap knitting before you attempt it on your sweater. CLICK HERE.

Module 3 Resources

How to M1R and M1L (thanks, Purl Soho, for the handy tutorial!)

If it helps to see this image close-up, this is the photo provided in the Module 3 handout that shows you the difference between the way cables lay when they are blocked or not (bottom section below is blocked, upper section worked flat is not blocked). This is why it’s important not to panic if your cables seem to draw inward, especially as you start working flat – remember that blocking makes a huge difference.

Module 4 Resources

Module 4 Video

Russian Grafting Video

Module 5 Resources

Module 5 Video

Picking up stitch multiples: https://www.oliveknits.com/how-to-stitch-multiples-for-knitted-ribbing/

Module 6

Module 6 Video

Module 7

There is no video this week.

Weaving-in your ends using the duplicate stitch method on the wrong side.

Module 8 – The final module!

Module 8 Video


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