On the Go: Knot Another Hat Retreat

Sarah Keller from Knot Another Hat sure knows how to have a party. She’s the woman behind the Columbia Gorge Fiber Festival, the owner of Knot Another Hat yarn shop in Hood River, Oregon, and the hostess-with-the-mostest when it comes to creating awesome experiences for fiber people. (Below, rock star Sarah Keller on the left and one of my loveliest and most adorable long-time test knitters, Jill.)

I was completely charmed by the fact that a handful of knitters arrived wearing their Olives! (Did you know we call Olive Knits sweaters “Olives”? Now you do!) I spied a Kindling Cowl (knit and worn above, left, by Kate) and a First Watch pea coat (knit and worn above, right, by Ingrid), a Brookings in progress (being knit by Melinda), two completed Brookings‘ pullovers (worn by Sue and Jill), a Reedsport in progress (being knit by Christine) and Reedsports a-plenty being worn by Jill and Sue… and maybe a few others? I can’t tell you how tickled I was!

Playing dress-up with the samples is part of the fun when I travel teach – I bring ALL THE SWEATERS and we have a free-for-all trying them on. (I think this may, secretly, be everyone’s favorite part…)

And of course there’s knitting. So much knitting. (And laughter, and wine…) You might recognize the cuties (above, top left and in the feature photo for this post) from JaMPDX, as well! Jenn and Meghan dropped by on Saturday with some of their gorgeous knitting-themed pottery. I have been secretly fangirling over them for ages, so it was a treat to finally meet them (and discover that they were every bit as awesome as I imagined them to be).

And classes (below)… of course! Those are the other best part of weekends like this. I was honored to be invited to spend the day teaching these beautiful women.

Sarah gave me permission to share some of her fun photos from the weekend, as well (below).

Tell me this doesn’t look like blast?

Not a bad way to spend a weekend, am I right?

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