meet pacifico!

Marie and Libby

Hi, we’re Marie (from Olive Knits) and Libby (from Truly Myrtle), here to share our exciting new collaboration: Pacifico Knits.

Living half a word apart, we began our adventure knowing that we shared a love of knitting, but little else. Our first discovery was that we shared the beautiful Pacific Ocean; Marie, living in the Pacific Northwest, and Libby, living in New Zealand.

Joyful Connection

We uncovered many surprising and delightful common threads as our friendship grew. We’ve learned that we have a deeper connection than we could have imagined. We’re both fueled by a boundless zest for life, chasing joy at every turn (and stitch!).

We’ve also been reminded that no matter how far apart things seem at first, if you look for it, there’s always something to connect us. By slowing down, listening with an open heart, and focusing on these small threads, we create space for deeper connection and unexpected joy.

We warmly welcome you to our community, and invite you to dip your toes in, to feel the joy, and to celebrate the beauty of each and every stitch along the way.

Check out the e-book and see our individual pattern collection here.