How to attach those pockets!

  1. Place the pocket in the lower corner of the front so that it’s about equal distance from the bottom ribbing and the side cable.

Pocket 1

2. Use pins to secure the pocket in place.

Pocket 2

3. If you’re comfortable with a crochet hook, I think it does a terrific job of working slipped stitches to hold the pocket in place. With the working yarn on the back side (underneath), go through both legs of the edge stitch on the pocket and down into the space between stitches on the sweater below it.

Pocket 3

4. Wrap the yarn around the hook from underneath and draw the working yarn up through the sweater underneath and both legs of the edge stitch on the pocket.

Pocket 4

5. Keeping the loop on the hook, place the hook back down through the next stitch (both legs), and through the sweater body below, wrap the working yarn around the hook and draw it back up through both layers.

Pocket 5

6. It should now look like this … you will then draw the second stitch through the first stitch (creating a “slipped stitch” in crochet), and then repeat the process by going back down through both legs of the next stitch, drawing the yarn up through all layers, and then pulling the loop through the first stitch on the hook. Repeat all the way around the pocket, ensuring at the pocket stays lined up where you want it.

Pocket 6

7. Finished pocket placement.

Pocket final

Here’s a video to help you a little more (and I have to laugh at myself in this one when I say “If you have a history of crochet…” which sounds like I’m about to say, “If you have a history of high blood pressure” or something. What in the world?!? My super power is knitting, NOT making videos. Thanks for laughing with me!)