My customers have the loveliest things to say:

“When I am thinking about shop samples, there are a lot of things I look for in a sweater pattern: style that will flatter different body types, a good range of sizes, designs that will look good in quality basic yarns and in more luxurious fibers, clarity of instruction, and careful attention to detail and accuracy. Olive Knits patterns provide all of these. When you add in the fact that Marie is one of the most engaged and responsive designers I can think of, I just want to knit her sweaters all the time. She has also built a supportive and loving community of enthusiastic knitters, and it is clearly the caliber of her work and the generosity of her spirit that sets the tone in the Olive Knits Knitters’ Lounge.” Ann Miner, Yarn Folk

“As my wardrobe of hand knits can attest I’m in love with Olive Knits! From my first Stria to my just completed Heathrow they have never let me down. I can always trust the fit to be perfect and the style to be classic. Her instructions are easy to follow and quite often I’m learning a new technique that expands my knitting skills. The choice of yarns she  picks for each design is always a perfect match. I can’t say enough great things about her patterns. Thanks Marie for all the wonderful knits!” Erika Close, Ink Bags

“…my best experience yet has been knitting the Stillwater cardigan during the 4 day KAL in July, 2017. You created a beautiful community of supportive knitters who shared their work, coached each other and enthusiastically cheered for everyone at each step of the way. That community made it so much fun to knit that gorgeous pattern and, as you know, I finished my second Stillwater earlier this month. Knitting “alone” was not nearly as fun but the pattern was just as fabulous on round 2 and I’m certain I’ll make another. All of your patterns are clearly written with helpful comments and suggestions all throughout. Due to these reasons, I look forward to each and every pattern release you have! I just realized that in the past year, I have made six of your patterns once and I three of those sweaters twice! I’m about to embark on a seventh soon and cannot wait!” Jennifer R., Chicago, Illinois

“I truly enjoyed knitting the Stillwater Cardigan and Nekia pullover as part of your knit-a-long.  Although I’ve knit countless top-down cardigans and sweaters, there’s something unique and easy about knitting Marie’s patterns. Her designs are classic, timeless and easy to knit while they teach you a new technique.  Her instructions are so very thorough and clear.  She provides video tutorials that help explain the new technique, and they are most helpful.  For example, on the Stillwater cardigan, the cable design down the front was so much fun.  I’ve never knit it that way before.   She even hosts a Facebook group and answers all of our questions in a timely manner.  I love knitting, and Marie has made my experience so much more fun.  I really look forward to knitting more of her designs and adding them to my armoire with all my treasured handknits.” Lynette O., Chicago, Illinois
“Favorite. Sweater. Ever. (Stillwater Cardigan) I think I shall knit another-or maybe two more.  The fit is perfect and flattering, Thank you Marie, this pattern is so much fun!” Wendi W., Oregon
“Stillwater has been such a JOY to knit, what a well written, fun pattern.  I can’t remember the last time I had this much fun knitting a sweater, it’s been like reading a great book that you don’t want to put down.  The included charts, measurements, and stitch count reminders make this pattern easy and seamless to follow.  The end result is a beautiful, classic sweater that I will enjoy for many years to come, I love it! Thank you for the GREAT pattern, I have REALLY enjoyed every minute of knitting … it.” Janet Avila, String Theory
“I love, love, love how larger size friendly your designs are. They show that a lot of thought and care went into grading the sweater patterns to ensure that the larger sizes are only larger where they need to be larger. Thank you so much!” J.J. Foster, The Traveling Ewe
“I wanted to enjoy the process [of making my first sweater] and this pattern made it worth every moment. Marie virtually guarantees a valuable learning experience while making certain you can monitor your progress and avoid mistakes. Slipping on the finished sweater was thrilling.” Wendy Brokaw, CCTV
“First, I love your newsletters, such a good and interesting writer you are! And topics are interesting too! About your designs: beautiful and classic and that is what I like (and raglan :-)) Not too long – check. Not too short – check.
Knit the knits, purl the purls – saviour for Stillwater! Written and charted – check (I know how to read the charts, but it is easier for me to track where I am in the pattern when there is written part. Easy to follow – check!”  Halima, N. Sarajevo, Bosnia
 “The ONE sweater I finished last year was Stillwater. The reason? It was a well-written pattern. I started two others [from different designers] and did NOT finish them. I frogged one because the pattern was awful, and the other is still on the needles because the pattern was so confusing it was being rewritten. I brag about your Stillwater pattern ALL the time. It is the most well written pattern I have ever used, REALLY! The design element adds interest and makes it a fun knit. The included charts and diagrams make it simple and easy to follow. And, I LOVED having the stitch counts every few rows, brilliant! That pattern pulled me in like a good book, I had a hard time putting my knitting down. Thank you for the work you do BEFORE you release a pattern!” Janet G., Port Townsend, Washington