Stria Cardigan 2


Are you confused about the striated slip stitch pattern on Stria? This photo tutorial will show you the simplest way to work the stitches.


Step One: Drop slipped stitch to front. You can do this with a cable needle, but Kenzie (the yarn recommended for Stria) holds itself quite well and this can be worked without a cable needle, if you prefer.


Step Two: K next two stitches on the left needle, then pick up dropped stitch with left needle.


You now have the dropped stitch in place to knit it like a normal stitch.


Step Three: Knit the slipped st. You now have a left leaning slipped stitch crossover.



Step One: Slip two stitches to back.

The example shows slipping these stitches to the back on a cable needle, which can make the process easier (but you can actually work this without a cable needle if you’re using Kenzie or a similar yarn that sticks to itself).


Step Two:  Knit next stitch from the left needle (which is the slipped stitch from the previous row), keeping the two stitches at the back, then bring the cable needle forward.


Step Three: Knit the two stitches from the cable needle that were held at the back.


You now have a right leaning slipped stitch crossover.


Stria Cardigan 3

Stria 1At long last: Stria Cardigan. This design was a long time coming. It didn’t fly off the needles the way others sometimes do. It’s not even that it was a particularly challenging project; it’s just that life kept getting in the way, and the sweater didn’t have my full attention. Because of that, there was a lot of frogging. A lot. of. frogging.

My vision was a fitted cardigan that Katharine Hepburn might have worn. I wanted something classic, enduring and totally relevant in today’s wardrobe: modern with a nod to yesterday. The striated design on the front panels was inspired by the brilliant and gorgeous wood cladding on the Sokol Blosser Winery tasting room in Dayton, Oregon. Stria Collage

Tutorials and helpful hints for this design will be added soon.

Yarn notes: The right yarn for this design is a stable, structured wool or wool blend. Kenzie by Hikoo (distributed by Skacel) is listed as a worsted weight yarn, but in my book — 160 yards in 50g that knit 6 stitches per inch on a size 4 needle for a lovely dense fabric = a heavy sport weight. But whatever. Call it what you want.

More about this design:

The Stria Cardigan celebrates the architectural beauty of clean lines. The angled striae create flattering visuals at the front of the body; keeping the project interesting without being fussy. The timeless shape and style, combined with stunning modern architectural lines bring 1940’s casual into the 21st century.

Worn with jeans, capris, a cotton dress or your favorite a-line skirt, the Stria Cardigan is the ideal classic cardi.

Stria is knit top-down, seamless, with raglan construction and a slipped-stitch design mirrored diagonally down the front panels. It is designed with negative or no ease; if a looser fit is desired, select a larger size.

Slightly negative to zero ease — fitted

8 (9, 9, 10, 11, 11, 12, 13, 13, 14, 14) skeins Kenzie by Skacel (1240 – 2240 yards)

8 – 10 buttons (approx. ¾”, no shank)

Size 2 circular needle (24-32”) Button Band, Neck (a sharp point needle will be useful, especially for creating buttonholes)
Size 2 circular needle (12”) Cuff Ribbing
Size 4 circular needle (24-32”) Body
Size 4 circular needle (12”) Sleeves (larger size may prefer a 16” at the start of the sleeve)

Use needle size necessary to obtain gauge.

Gauge: 6 st per inch in stockinette, 7.9 rows per inch

Skill Level: Intermediate

Design elements: Top-down, seamless, raglan, fitted, slipped stitches

You can find Stria Cardigan on Ravelry.