Wandering Olive: Oregon Olive Mill

Let me introduce you to the Wandering Olive.

Wandering Olive 1
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What is it? Four unique experiences a year that are curated to provide an elevated experience for a small group of knitters. Wandering Olive excursions are about connecting to the land, our local food culture, our fiber culture and to our artisan roots.

Wandering Olive 3
Wandering Olive 5


Our August 2016 excursion to the Oregon Olive Mill at Red Ridge Farms was absolutely gorgeous! We enjoyed a professional blue glass olive oil tasting where we learned to bring out the aroma and flavor profiles of the oils. Not unlike wine tasting, we learned more about the unique olive varieties and how they affect the flavor of the oil (and therefore how to best cook/serve them). We sampled a beautiful array of foods that highlighted the oils, and finished with a glass of rosé of pinot noir from their own Durant Vineyards. We toured the mill and gained a better understanding of what high standards really are — The Oregon Olive Mill is committed to processing their olives in a way that preserves the antioxidants and purity of the oil.

Wandering Olive 6
Wandering Olive 7

We were smitten with the darling blue olive oil glasses and the 200+ year old granite olive mill they had on display outside of the mill, itself.

Wandering Olive 8
Wandering Olive 9

There were gorgeous places to sit, knit and view the landscape.

Wandering Olive 10
Wandering Olive 11

I’m a little partial to vineyards and olives.

Wandering Olive 12
Wandering Olive 13

I can’t think of a lovelier place to spend an afternoon.

Wandering Olive 14

Join me next time!

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