Wool Recipes Resources


  • bet between
  • BOR beginning of row/round
  • CO  cast on
  • dec decrease/decreases/decreased
  • inc increase/increases/increased
  • k knit
  • k2tog knit two stitches together (dec 1)
  • M1L make one stitch, left leaning (inc 1)
  • p purl
  • p2tog purl 2 sts together (dec 1)
  • PM place marker
  • rep repeat
  • rnd/s round/rounds
  • RS right side
  • ssk slip one st knitwise, slip the next st knitwise, then return the two sts back to the left needle and knit the two stitches together through the back loop (dec 1)
  • st/s stitch/stitches
  • WS wrong side
  • YO yarn over (inc 1)

kuls  knit under the loose strands: dip right hand needle under the loose strands (created on previous rounds), then insert the tip of your working needle into the next stitch on the left needle. Knit into this stitch (and underneath the loose strands) to complete the stitch.


Picot Edge (Vernazza Cowl)

Fold picot edge to the WS - stitch in place all the way around, securing the outside edge to the inner body of your work.
Insert the needle through one st on the edge and one st on the corresponding row below to secure it as you work around the edge.

KULS - Neskowin Sunset Cowl