5 Ways to Get Out of Your Knitting Rut

If you’ve ever found yourself stuck on sleeve island, trying to distract yourself from a project that’s been put in “time out”, or feeling a bit meh about your creativity, today we’re chatting about what it takes to shake the cobwebs loose and get back in your creative groove. Today I’m sharing 5 ways to get out of your knitting rut (and get back to doing what you love).

  1. Re-think the projects that are bugging you. Friend, there’s no rule that says we absolutely HAVE to finish a project that’s making us miserable. If you’ve lost that loving feeling toward a project, why not pull the plug and use that energy for something that makes you feel a bit more energized?
  2. Houston, we have a problem (so let’s just fix it). If you noticed a goofy cable two inches ago on your sweater, or found a dropped stitch you missed a while back, or just wished you’d added a bit of length before binding off, there’s a lot of relief in just sitting down to tackle the problem head-on so you can keep going.
  3. Don’t stop learning. If you find you’ve been feeling a bit underwhelmed by your latest projects, maybe it’s time to learn a new technique? Challenging our brains to learn new things helps to create new neural pathways, which can spark new ideas and help keep us sharp and inspired.
  4. Try a crazy challenge. Every year I put on a ridiculous (but awesome) 4 Day Knitalong for sweater knitters around the world. Is it bananas to knit a sweater in 4 days? Yes. But is it possible? Also yes. By giving yourself a wacky challenge (especially with a group of other knitters) you can really revive yourself creatively. Whether you join my annual 4 Day Knitalong, or just set a fun goal with your local knitting group, an ambitious group challenge can really give you a boost.
  5. Variety is the spice of life. If all else fails, there is value in trying something completely new. How do you feel about sewing yourself a new project bag? Or reorganizing your stash? Or trying your hand at making stitch markers? Or creating a new project journal using mixed media art? There are a host of other creative endeavors that you can dabble in that both support your knitting, AND give you a chance to play with new materials. If you’ve felt a bit bogged down creatively, a little creative diversion might inspire you. Sometimes all it takes is a little vacation from your usual creative flow to help you find your way back.
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