Creative Muse vs. Inner Critic: Part One


Designing is the perfect balance of left and right brain. It keeps my little spreadsheet-loving, number-crunching gray cells dancing, while still feeding the inner creative muse. It turns out that this might be all I was ever meant to do. (Well, that and cook. And write.) Granted, it’s not that I didn’t know this long ago — I’ve been knitting my own designs since grade school. But I don’t think it ever occurred to me that I really could just, you know, be a knitting designer. Like, for real. The inner critic said, “There are already so many talented designers in the world. There is no room for you.” And yet, the inner muse and the little gray cells know the inner critic intimately and they’ve learned to drown her out. Good for them, I say. And good for me, because it’s two against one and the good girls are winning.

My first sweater design (in multiple sizes) is about to be published to Ravelry, with my second and third only shortly behind it. And there’s this wrap I’ve been working on since my oldest son left for Japan; a wrap that was inspired by his adventure, and something to keep my mind busy so it had less space to worry. And then there are these two other sweaters (okay, three), plus a creative collaboration with another designer friend. And then there are the 900+ patterns designed by other brilliant, creative people that are in my queue and trying to eek their way onto my needles.

Beachcomber sneak peek by M.E. Greene

It is obvious I need to sleep less and knit faster.

Stay tuned for announcements of new patterns available!

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