It’s Not Perfect. That’s OK.

You knit a thing, and it’s not perfect.

That’s OK.

You dropped a stitch and didn’t catch it until later, so you had to finagle it.

That’s OK.

There’s a weird loose stitch near the armpit.

That’s OK.

Your buttonholes look wonky and one sleeve is (accidentally) 3 rows longer than the other one.

That’s. Okay.

Sometimes we forget that knitting is an art form; it’s not a science. There’s a little bit of our own personality, our own experience, our own mood and atmosphere in every piece we make.

That dropped stitch might be because you looked away from your knitting to watch your daughter twirl. The weird loose stitch might be because you set your knitting down so you could go hug your grandchild. Those three extra rows might be because you were knitting while you chatted with your best friend and lost count.

What we make is a reflection of the life we’re living as we make it, and it’s almost never perfect.

And that’s what makes it wonderful.

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