Knitting Rescue 911

Not every knitting project goes according to plan. In fact, some of them veer off course and plummet off the side of the proverbial cliff. Or maybe it’s more of a black hole? Either way, it’s that place where knitting projects go into “time out” and often never see the light of day again. Sigh. Been there, done that. 

But hey – let me share a little good news. [Insert: clouds parting, sun shining, birds chirping, angels singing…]

While not every project can be saved, MANY of them can. And it’s those fixable projects that I’m featuring in my new series, Knitting Rescue 911

I’ve compiled decades of knitting experience and nearly 10 years of knitter emails into 30 days of Knitting Rescue 911 videos that you can refer back to again and again. I’ll walk you through each fix, step-by-step until you’ve made your way through to the other side. 

We’re talking about…

  • How to fix a dropped knitting stitch
  • How to fix a cable that goes the wrong way
  • How to fix an edge stitch that fell off your needles (a long time ago)
  • How to avoid ladders on DPNs (double point needles)
  • How to fix a too-tight neckline
  • How to add length to your sleeves
  • How to fix a hole in your knitting 
  • And so much more!

Check it Out!

  • Knitting Rescue 911 series is available ad-free in Knit Camp
  • You can also find it on YouTube here

Want even more?

Check out my workshop, Sweater Rescue 911 here!

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