New Year, New Goals, New… Office Supplies

My lifelong obsession with yarn and crafty things is followed closely by my love for office supplies. I’m a list-maker, goal-setter, calendar-obsessed human, and I LOVE the New Year. It is the ultimate Monday, but in a good way.

I love the clean slate of a new calendar.

I love the possibilities of a fresh to-do list.

I love the juicy, life-changing potential of a year I haven’t met yet.

So, as we turn the page to a Brand-Spanking-New Year™ I want to share the tools I use to bring my goals to life throughout the year.

  1. Brilliant Weekly Scheduler. For all of my fancy planners, this simple desk-top calendar has been my favorite. I love that it’s undated, which comes in handy if I miss a week of using it. And because my days and weeks tend to be super busy, being able to see just that one week at a glance makes it easy to focus on what’s most relevant right now.

  2. Grid Post-It Notes. I’ve never met a Post-It Note that I don’t love, but I’m especially fond of the grid versions. This works great for a daily to-do list or for keeping track of knitting rows or pattern repeats. I also love these from Mochithings.

  3. A Really Good Pen.  My long-time favorite pens are the fine tip ballpoints from Zebra. My husband I wrestle over these pens, so I always have to order extras so there are enough to share. I love the fine point, the narrow barrel, and I love how reliable they are. The Zebra has been my favorite pen for at least a decade. However, a friend recently gifted me a pen that’s now become my second favorite, especially for moments when a smooth gel pen is the one you need. Like the Zebra, it has a beautiful fine tip, but has the added glide of gel (but far smoother and more reliable than other gel pens I’ve tried).

  4. Blank Grid Journal. Have you ever tried the Bullet Journal method? It’s my jam, but you don’t necessarily have to use the Bullet Journal brand. There are oodles of excellent grid journals. Here are a few of my favorites:
  • The old favorite, A-5 Grid Journal from LEUCHTTURM1917. This is the one I started with – and when I travel out of the country, I can almost always get my hands on one of these if I need a new one.
  • The official Bullet Journal (with the bells and whistles), also from LEUCHTTURM1917. I rarely end up using all the stickers, so this one is a bit more than what I need, but it’s sure fun too.
  • The Midori, the ultra-minimalist version (which has a soft cover and is super easy to tuck into your project bag). I order these in multiples and there’s almost always one next to me.
  • This unbranded version is every bit as good as the others (and is currently sitting on my coffee table). This one is a bit thicker than the others in my list and is nice and sturdy, so it holds up well. It’s a little too thick/heavy to tuck into my purse like the Midori, but it’s great if you need more pages and a sturdier cover.

If you’re wondering if I have a lot of grid notebooks in my house, yes. Yes, I do. And I’m not even sorry about it.

I’ve tried dozens and dozens and DOZENS of different kinds of planners and I just can’t commit to a planner that limits the way I use it. Call it creativity, call it ADD, whatever it is, I appreciate the flexibility of the blank grid. Sometimes I need to brainstorm, sometimes I need to take notes on a call, and other times I need to plan out my schedule. The grid works really well for me.

Highlighers. Sometimes you just need to highlight something, and I like the Mojiniline from Zebra (the same Zebra that makes my favorite pen).

Washi Tape. When you want to spice up your planners and to-do lists with a little something extra, washi tape is the way to go. There are exactly one zillion different kinds of washi tape, so the sky’s the limit, and you really can’t go wrong adding a cheerful little strip of color to a blank page. Here are a few I’ve used and liked: Watercolor Florals, Grid Tape (I KNOW! MORE GRIDS!), Shiny Rose Gold, A nice mix of muted tones.

Unproven/Currently Testing: Because I can’t stop/won’t stop when it comes to planners, each year I like to test out a new planner/calendar just to see if I like it better than what I’m currently using. This year I’m testing out the Laurel Denise Mini-Horizontal Weekly Planner, which seems promising. But at nearly $50, it comes in much higher than any other planner I use, and in my experience, the more expensive ones have too many bells and whistles for the way I work. At first glance, it reminds me of what I love about the Brilliant Weekly Scheduler, but I’ll need to use it for a while to determine if it’s a real contender. I’ll report back.

Whatever supplies you use, now is the perfect time to plan for a beautiful year.

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