Sweater Knitting – Easy and Seamless

If you’ve avoided sweater knitting because it seemed intimidating, I have the perfect project for you! Enter, the Whidbey Island Pullover. This minimalist, modern sweater is as stylish as it is cozy. Better yet, it’s knit top-down, in one piece – and it’s seamless!

I designed this sweater to be a timeless favorite that you can wear for decades, and you don’t have to be an advanced knitter to make it. If you can knit stockinette and ribbing, and you know basic knitting increases, you can knit this!

The rolled cuffs add a modern vibe to this classic sweater, and can easily be knit longer or shorter for the length you prefer. My patterns are full of extra tips, tricks and resources to help you succeed. If you’re ready to try a seamless sweater, or just need an inspiring next project – you’ll love my Whidbey Island Pullover!

Click here to grab the pattern and cast on!

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