The Book: Week Two

An overview of week one: I rocked the first day. I was so crazy productive (and highly caffeinated) I thought my fingertips might catch on fire. By the end of the day I was beaming. I can SO totally do this. I am a rock star. Day two: I have a great idea, let’s try working […]

How to Write a Book (I think): Day One

It’s day one, week one of “the book” and I’m afraid if I don’t take a moment to chronicle the experience, I might not remember much about the next five months. It’s going to be nuts. NUTS, I tell you.  First things first, I’m not new to writing (I’ve written freelance and blogged for most […]

I’m not dead. I’m just writing a book.

Making a huge announcement isn’t as easy as you’d think. Do I start by telling you that I’ve been dreaming of being an author since I was old enough to hold a pen? (Never a pencil.) Or do tell you about last fall, when I casually began telling friends and business acquaintances that I’d be […]

How to fix an uneven button band edge

Many a knitter has lamented a wonky bottom edge of a button band. The tell-tale “arch”  is the result of picking up too few stitches. But never fear! If the button band is generally laying nicely with the exception of an arch at the bottom (or top), I’ve developed a quick trick to help create […]

Love Knitting, Hate Sleeves. Why?

I’ve long wondered how it’s possible that we can be insanely passionate about an art form, but then actually dislike part of the process. Why do we do that? I think I’ve figured it out, and – to be honest – it kind of makes me feel better. Sometimes I feel like a heel when I catch […]

Knitting: Am I doing it wrong?

When it comes to knitting, I’m a bit nontraditional. I like to think it’s because my grandmother let me decide what style of knitter I wanted to be. When you’re eleven years old and an adult lets you be the boss of something – the power is intoxicating. Young me: Why do I have to […]

How to Knitalong

Remember the old adage “there’s safety in numbers”?

When it comes to knitting with friends – especially on a timeline – this little nugget of wisdom seems especially true.

Row Gauge: Why it Matters

Tell the truth: When (if?) you knit a gauge swatch, do you measure both stitch gauge and row gauge? I mean, you know stitch gauge matters. You know that having too many or too few stitches in a 4″ swatch means you’ll end up with a sweater that is either larger or smaller than you […]

Knitting Rules : Love it, or Leave it

Tell me if you know this one: You’re knitting, knitting, knitting, but notice that you keep checking in with yourself about a weird spot twenty rows ago, “Can I live with this mistake?” Or maybe you’re having doubts about the project. Or have a sinking feeling about the size or the yarn or the pattern, […]

Textile Inspiration – Two Weeks Abroad

Nothing changes you like seeing the world.  I’m just home from a couple of weeks in England and Ireland, and – if you’ll indulge me – I’d love to share a bit of inspiration in hopes that it might inspire you, as well. I take pleasure in the strangest things when I travel. I don’t […]