Dear Olive, How do I know which length circular needle to use for my project? And how do I know […]

Do you wear the shawls you knit? It turns out that many of us love to knit shawls but we […]

How to Hack Color Confidence Color sense may seem like something you’re either born with – or not. But the […]

Creating Custom Pins Enamel pins are all the rage these days, aren’t they? I’ve wanted to order custom pins for […]

Knitting is Like a Recipe There are few things I love as much as knitting – but, my goodness, do […]

How to Use a Pattern Coupon Code (On Ravelry or Olive Coupon codes make it possible for designers to […]

The world is both on pause and on hyperdrive. Yet, my fingers are stitching at their usual pace.  My knitting […]

Stash (noun): An accumulation of yarn – usually kept at home – which includes future projects, impulse buys, prize/gift yarn, […]

There’s a lot to love about a hand knit shawl.  Besides the fact that shawls are generally pretty quick to […]

For all of the potential health benefits of knitting, finding (and staying in) your fiber flow isn’t always as easy […]

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