Knitting Rescue 911

Not every knitting project goes according to plan. In fact, some of them veer off course and plummet off the side of the proverbial cliff. Or maybe it’s more of a black hole? Either way, it’s that place where knitting projects go into “time out” and often never see the light of day again. Sigh. […]

Dear Olive: How to Measure Gauge in Pattern

womans hands with measuring tape on a yellow garment

Dear Olive, I struggle with gauge, but especially measuring gauge in pattern – is it really necessary? Sincerely, Swatch-Shy __________ Dear Swatch-Shy, Ah gauge, my favorite topic! Thanks for asking. There are really only two reasons a handknit garment doesn’t fit: 1) Choosing the incorrect size, or 2) Not getting gauge. It really is that […]

How to Hack Color Confidence (with paint!)

How to Hack Color Confidence Color sense may seem like something you’re either born with – or not. But the truth is color confidence (as with most things) comes with practice. We forget how important it is to practice, don’t we? Kids know about practice. When we’re small we’re taught to practice our handwriting, to […]

Creating Custom Pins

Creating Custom Pins Enamel pins are all the rage these days, aren’t they? I’ve wanted to order custom pins for ages, and finally took the plunge with a company called WizardPins. This is a sponsored post, but here’s the thing – I won’t share anything with you unless I use it myself and believe in […]

Knitting is Like a Recipe

Knitting is Like a Recipe There are few things I love as much as knitting – but, my goodness, do I love to cook and bake.  A few months ago a friend gave me a sourdough starter, and I’ve spent the whole time since then trying to master the art of a good sourdough loaf. […]

How to use a pattern coupon code

How to Use a Pattern Coupon Code (On Ravelry or Olive Coupon codes make it possible for designers to offer special perks and discounts to their customers, but these discounts come with a few challenges.  Knowing how to use a coupon code correctly saves time and money for everyone involved. Here are the steps […]

How to Sew A Shoulder Seam

Oh golly, do I love a seamless sweater. I love seamless sweaters like I love nachos – with a whole heart. But there are moments when a shoulder seam comes in handy, and with patterns like my Zipline (Rhinebeck sweater!) – you’ll want something easy breezy. (Also – if you need help with those yarn […]