How to Sew A Shoulder Seam

Oh golly, do I love a seamless sweater. I love seamless sweaters like I love nachos – with a whole heart. But there are moments when a shoulder seam comes in handy, and with patterns like my Zipline (Rhinebeck sweater!) – you’ll want something easy breezy. (Also – if you need help with those yarn […]

How to Work the Knit Flower Stitch

I love a quirky stitch pattern – especially one that adds a lot of flair with not-a-lot-of-work. The Knit Flower Stitch creates visual interest and breaks up the lacy mesh in my Sparkling Rosé shawl (you can find the pattern here). When completed, the Knit Flower Stitch looks like the image above. It looks more […]

Fix a Sweater That Slides Off

As an avid knitter of top-down, seamless sweaters, I am acutely aware of their virtues, but also their vulnerabilities. The very thing that makes a seamless sweater so delightful (i.e. no seams) can be its Achilles heel. Seams provide structure and longevity to the shape of a sweater. But you know me – you know […]

How to Block a Sweater

Twenty years ago I knit my first adult sweater. It was a vision in moss stitch, knit in classic, undyed wool. The word “heirloom” hung in the air. But when it was finished I noticed it pulled terribly on the bias, and every time I stretched it where I wanted it, it bounced back into […]

Garden Party Cowl

My first foray into colorful variegated yarn made me think of paintings of gardens, and I instinctively felt it was necessary to “frame” the art in order to really make it shine. Garden Party is my answer to what to do with that single skein of gorgeous, colorful yarn that you brought home one day […]

Tips for Adding Ribbon to a Sweater Button Band

Interested in adding a ribbon border inside your sweater button band? Here’s a very basic tutorial to get you started. Basic sewing skills are required. You’ll need: Grosgrain ribbon approximately 1/2″ narrower (give or take) than your button band. This can vary – you can use ribbon nearly the same thickness as your button band […]

Knit Better Sweaters – Ease

Have you ever looked at a pattern and struggled to make sense of the ease, or had questions about choosing the right ease to get the results you want? Let’s talk about it! Today we’re going to cover the most common questions about ease in sweater knitting and how to improve your chances of getting the results […]

3/4 Sleeves for Everyone!

People ask me all the time about finding the right length for a 3/4 sleeve for sweaters like my Bentley Cardigan. Watch my little how-to video to find out your perfect length! Sweater patterns may give you a specific length for sleeves, but you can always adjust it based on your arm length. This tutorial […]

Swapping out the SSK

How do you all feel about the SSK stitch (slip, slip, knit)? While it certainly serves a purpose for creating direction with your decreases, it can sometimes feel a little clunky. The photo above is a portion of the stitch design in my pattern Washed Ashore; It’s a modern lace design that relies heavily on […]

Bentley Cardigan

Bentley is my second sweater design with Sherwood Yarn, and I have to tell you: I’m in love with this yarn. Not only am I the world’s biggest wool geek, but the rich, vibrant colors work perfectly with my favorite neutrals. This vintage-inspired design features a cropped, boxy shape with texture just along the front […]