What really matters

The last few weeks have rocked my world in an I-don’t-know-if-I’m-coming-or-going kind of way. I’ve been working a lot more than usual, we’ve had house guests for a week, and one of our boys moved out a couple of days ago — the first to officially leave the nest. I’m proud and excited for him, but […]

Trestle Stitch Tutorial

If you’re knitting the High Trestle Tee, you’ll encounter the trestle stitch (similar to the butterfly stitch). Here is a quick tutorial on how this stitch is done on the right side of the work. We are ready to work the first K1ULS on the row below. Take the right needle and slide it under […]

High Trestle Tee

The best part about being a designer is having the luxury of creating the kind of garments you want to wear. It’s one thing to enjoy making something, but to love wearing it — that’s a whole other story.  I spent the first half of my knitting life making things that were fun to knit, […]

Shorty Needles

I’ve had a few raised eyebrows about the 12” circulars in my patterns. Don’t be afraid, dear knitters. You can knit those sleeves with anything you want. I’ll tell you how and why I fell in love with 12” circulars and then you decide what’s best for you. Deal? A little background: I’m usually a […]

Collaboration: Part One

An idea, when shared, becomes a plan. Have you ever tried your hand at collaboration? I highly recommend it. My good friend, Carol Herman of Knit=Joy, came over the other night for dinner and a design challenge. We started with an inspiring but simple meal: chicken salad with arugula and sunflower sprouts on seeded bread […]

Knitting at the Coast

My favorite kind of day.      Warm sand and the sound of the sea…  how can one not be inspired?


No, not me, silly. I’m fine. It’s the yarn… Let me start by saying I knew it was a bad idea when I did it. A friend (THIS friend — isn’t she talented?!?) asked me if I could knit her this sweater (adorbs, right?) with slightly rearranged colors. It’s a must-have. Yes! And then I […]

Sneak Peek

The new design is in full swing — flying off the needles, as I like to say. I’m using Madelinetosh DK in the new shade Moonglow (a faint bit lighter than Mica, which I have long adored). This new sweater follows all of my favorite design characteristics — top down, seamless, and cardigan! Cardigans are so […]

Beachcomber Pullover

The Beachcomber Pullover is finally published! Is it wrong to have a crush on your own design (that’s weird, right…)? Imagine Kate Hepburn on a road trip to the Oregon Coast with a picnic basket in the backseat — that’s Beachcomber. The design is top-down and seamless with clean, structured honeycomb cables down the raglan seams. It’s knit at […]

Stroll Cardigan is Now Available!

I’m so pleased with the way the Stroll Cardigan came together. It took so much longer than I envisioned to get the pattern just the way I wanted it, but it was a wonderful learning experience and it made the second sweater design so much smoother. The Stroll Cardigan is live on Ravelry as of […]