A “No Sex” Yarn

It was inevitable. Today at the shop we had a conversation about yarn that led to a sex joke.

We have our share of interesting conversations at the yarn shop, but we rarely talk about sex. And we pretty much never actually say “sex.” Not that we’re a bunch of prudes, but a yarn shop has a certain G-rated quality to it. And there are often children present. We may imply things, or nudge each other knowingly, but we don’t usually go all the way there. But it’s a fun atmosphere and you just never know…

Customer: I need a “no sex” yarn.

Me: A “no sex” yarn? If you ask my husband, all yarn is “no sex” yarn — he knows I’d probably rather be knitting. <wink, wink, nudge, nudge>

I said this in front of the shop owner. And her husband. And our newly-hired employee who was just ironing out the wrinkles on her second day at work. And the customer who brought it up in the first place.

What she meant, of course, was a “non-gender” yarn, but it’s Thursday (and it feels like Friday) and for whatever reason she opened a door that I just couldn’t NOT walk through.

For the record: I probably wouldn’t have said it in front of the owner’s husband if I’d had two more seconds to think before I spoke. The last thing we need is for our partners to find out that we may prefer knitting to just about everything else.


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