Born to Knit

“I’m from Norway. I was born to knit,” she said. She grinned and danced a little jig (yes, you read that correctly — it was a jig) and pointed to her Dale of Norway sweater. “I made this. Designed it myself.”

There was a second jig (more elbows!), more grinning, and a conversation about knitting that carried a certain lushness I can’t quite identify. I don’t know if it was her absolute certainty of her knitting prowess or her giddiness about being in a yarn shop,  but her enthusiasm made an impression. It made me wonder about the times I’ve said, “I’m a knitter!” and didn’t give myself the proper fanfare to go with it.  This is something I may need to work on. I may not hail from Norway, but I, too, was born to knit. We are a happy, tactile breed of artisans. Dancing is optional, but recommended.


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