Cold happens. It happens here: Snowlandia 2014. (We had so much snow that the left coast of Oregon was practically closed for a few days. AND my birthday brunch was canceled. Boo. Hiss.)

It happens there: Blizzard Nemo 2013. (The weather delayed our flight home from New York by 14 hours. I actually knit that entire hat in the Snowlandia photo at right when I was stuck at the airport for Blizzard Nemo the year before.)

It’s happening today: https://www.reuters.com/article/2015/01/26/us-usa-weather-idUSKBN0KW26Z20150126


No matter where you live, chances are the cold will find you. It may not find you at home — it might be while you’re traveling. But rest assured, it will hunt you down and kill you and make you terribly, terribly not-warm.

And this is why it matters that some of us knit, and that we share what we make with friends and family. Those of you on the other coast who are about to get pummeled with the white stuff, stay warm. I hope you have a knitter who loves you.

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