There’s No Such Thing as Waiting

There’s a difference between knitters and other people. Most other people “wait,” in the traditional sense. Knitters don’t.

Other people fiddle on their phones, play Candy Crush or Words With Friends. Check email. Take conference calls. Text people. They fill the time with something-anything until they finally do the thing they came to do. Like, say, pick up lunch at Cafe Yum. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

For people like me, waiting = knitting. In the time you’d otherwise spend doing nothing, you knit 360 stitches. By the time the unfriendly civil servant behind the counter calls your number you’ve knit two rounds on a cowl. Or an inch on a sock. You’ve produced results. Visible, tangible results.

I love having something to show for the time that might otherwise be considered a waste.

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